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As an IT employee you work all day with different systems and software. In a small, close-knit team you are responsible for the system management of this entire organization.
You mainly deal with server networks and network management. The system with which this company works, and in which you are already completely at home, is Windows,
but you also know the programs Linux, VMWare and SQL, because you will often have to deal with these, just like all your other colleagues. work varies from day to day,
but you start, for example, by viewing notifications in the service desk. Other activities are, for example, creating a new user, adjusting the rights for users or ensuring that a system works properly again.
Something regularly goes wrong in Linux, VMWare and Windows and you and the team ensure that everything works again quickly.
In addition to these priorities, you will be involved in important matters such as checking backups, performing preventive security checks,
but also installing and updating hardware such as replacing servers and installing new telephony or desktops. Finally,
it sometimes happens that you update the servers with a colleague outside regular office hours, in order to ensure that everything is up to date when all your colleagues
go back to work the next day. make sure that your colleagues are completely in their place, do not run into problems quickly and if this does occur,
they can continue quickly. You have the analytical skills, healthy curiosity and drive to help people do their job better.
You are therefore highly valued by your colleagues in this position.
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